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Discount Fuel Cards
Save $1000's on Fuel

Get significant discounts on fuel at major truck stops across USA & Canada. Save $1,000’s every month with our Discount Fuel Card program.  
 Immediate Approval for ITC Clients
 Credit Terms Available
  Available at All Major Full Service Truck Stops
  On-line Account Management & Reporting
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Discount Fuel Cards  |  Save BIG on Fuel!

The ideal solution to save costs & control over the road expenses.

Accutrac Capital’s Discount Fuel Card program provides substantial discounts on the cost of fuel at major full service truck stops across USA and Canada. 

Want to compete with the big boys?   Save $1,000’s every month with our Discount Fuel Card program.
Huge Discount Savings
Convienent Locations
Full Service Truck Stops
Easy to Understand Reporting
Terms that Benefit Your Company
Professional Customer Support
Convenient Document Services
Card Security, Monitoring & Control
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