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Easy, Cost Effective, & Convenient Financial Solutions!

ITC is a factoring company serving the trucking industry in North America. 

Whether you are a start-up, a high growth company or a business in transition, we can help with easy qualification, cost effective financial solutions and convenient high value services.

ITC combines the best Freight Factoring Rates & the best Fuel Discounts to maximize your cash flow & profitability.
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"Nuestra Solución es la Suya"

Easy, Cost Effective, & Convenient Financial Solutions for your Trucking Company

No matter your circumstance we have the financial resources to finance even the most complex situation. 
  • We can help if you are a Start-Up, High Growth & Business In Transition.
  • Financial services by ITC are easier to obtain than a business loan
  • We have the resources to finance even the most complex situation
  • ITC cuts through the red tape to get you financed quickly and effectively
  • ITC reduces your credit risks and improves accounts receivable management
  • We have the lowest rates in the industry

Let our friendly experts recommend a financial solution customized specifically for you.  

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